No criminal case on battery of Yuliya Stsiapanava

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The Frunzenski District Police Department of Minsk refused to bring a criminal case concerning the assault and battery of the activist of the "European Belarus" Yuliya Stsiapanava.

A month ago she had been assaulted by two unidentified people in the night time near hear house. They threw her down in snow and cut her hair.

In the official answer of the Frunzenski DPD, received by Yuliya on 14 February, it is stated: the check-up on the fact established that there was no criminal corpus delicti in the actions of the offenders, it was just a misdemeanor. That's why they could receive just up to 15 days of arrest it found.

Yuliya Stsiapanava is shocked at this decision:

"It means that, according to the Frunzenski DPD, any person who assaults, threatens and uses violence towards another person, deserves only administrative punishment. It means that such crimes will be left unpunished".

As it is stated in the answer, the hostile attitude to the victim must be caused by her civil activities. According to Yuliya, the policemen admit the political implication of the assault, but are not going to look for the criminal and bring them to account.

It's worth mentioning that the offenders used foul language and expressed dissent with Yuliya's political views. Before the assault, she received repeated anonymous threats, possibly from security services. Her "Facebook" account has been repeatedly hacked, threat letters were thrown into her postbox. Yuliya Stsiapanava took part in the shooting of the film "Torture house in Akrestsin Street" and collected necessary items for political prisoners.