"Indifference kills" trilogy (video)

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A number of actions aimed at the abolishment of the death penalty is conducted within the framework of the "Human Rights Defenders Against Death Penalty" campaign. One of the directions of activism is informing the public that Belarus is the last country of Europe and on the post-Soviet space where this barbarian kind of punishment is still used.

The informational work with the population is conducted in many ways, including the spread of booklets, leaflets, stickers and banners, and various kinds of media production.

One of the successful examples is the "Flight" cartoon, created by talented volunteers. The cartoon dwells on the topic of the cruelty and inhumanity of the death penalty in Belarus.

Before this, participants of the Mahiliou rap band "Pradmova" Ronia Ronich and Katsia Krasavik recorded a rap song against the death penalty with the participation of Uladzimir Niakliayeu, Adam Hlobus, Liubou Kavaliova and human rights defenders.

"As our experience shows, all these efforts aren't fruitless", says the campaign coordinator Andrei Paluda. "This is witnessed not only by the number of views of the produced videos, but also by the fact that ordinary people get concerned with this issue and keep sending us independent works dedicated to this painful topic.

We have received several such works so far and decided to upload one of them for public view. In the future we plan to hold a contest of art works and present awards for the best ones."

"Indifference kills" trilogy (video)

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