30 cows and 2 horses confiscated from a farmer in the Pruzhany district

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During the sitting of the district authorities with the participation of the head of law-enforcement agencies (the head of the Pruzhany District Police Department and the district prosecutor), held at the end of 2012, it was decided to deprive Vasil Saltrukovich, a farmer from the village of Liakhi, of 30 cows and 2 horses.

As it was written in the protocol of the sitting, his animals present a danger for the villages, like homeless dogs and cats. That's why the authorities ruled that the cows were to be caught and taken to the slaughterhouse of the Pruzhany consumer society. The protocol was signed of all present officials except for the district prosecutor Mikhail Zaparoshchanka.

When the farmer applied to the police concerning the theft of 32 heads of cattle, the head of the police Dzmitry Nekhayeu answered that they had been caught as homeless and proposed Saltrukovich to go to court in the case of disagreement.

"This is already the second time my cattle is confiscated", says Vasil Saltrukovich. "During the first time, they took away 5 animals for pasturing on other people's fields. However, I was sentenced to pay a fine of 13 million rubles for the damage, whereas a cow costs about 20 million rubles."

Nobody returned the cost of the confiscated animals to the farmer. He thinks that the same will happen this time. After the second confiscation, he is left with an ill bull, cow and cowling, and a horse by which the farmer rode during the so-called "entrapment" of his herd.

Now he intends to appeal the unlawful confiscation at the General Prosecutor's Office.