Belarusian authorities haven't implemented any decisions of Human Rights Committee

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This was stated by the head of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Hary Pahaniaila who commented on the recent report on human rights violations in the world, presented by the Belarusian Foreign Ministry.

As said by the human rights defender, human rights are violated everywhere where there are clashes between the interests of an individual and a state. In European countries such cases are considered by various agencies, courts consider civil lawsuits and everything is receives publicity. The Belarusian authorities, on the contrary, ignore decisions of international organizations, including the UN, concerning respect to human rights.

"Citizens of the countries which are members of the Council of Europe, apply to the Strasbourg court on human rights and, by the way, often win cases. The very practice of such trials is used by the Belarusian MFA in its report. However, the MFA says nothing of the fact that Belarusian citizens have the same rights at the UN Human Rights Committee. The Committee has issued more than 20 decisions confirming violations of rights of Belarusian citizens by the state, but none of them have been implemented," argues Mr. Pahaniaila.

This is the first time Belarus has prepared such a report. Similar reports are also prepared by Russia, China and the USA. It can be assumed that the new foreign minister decided to take an aggressive position. The human rights defender Uladzimir Labkovich agrees with him, as far as the report of the Belarusian MFA is very close to the Russian one in its structure and orientation.

"Pitifully enough, Belarus has not the single cases of human rights abuses, presented by the MFA in its report, but systemic abuses. I think that the new minister looked up this know-how in Russia – if you cannot answer one's pretensions, it's better to use the "you are fool yourself" rhetorics," commented Mr. Labkovich.

Bear in mind that several days ago the Minister of Foreign Affairs Uladzimir Makei presented the MFA report dedicated to human rights abuses in 23 western countries.