Police reluctant to investigate swindle against pensioner

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Homel human rights defender Leanid Sudalenka rendered legal aid to a lonely pensioner who became a victim of bank swindlers. He helped the man in composing an application to the police and to the bank.

As stated by the human rights defender, the criminals took a bank loan of more than 9 million rubles and immediately bought some goods in a shop At present the pensioner owes to the bank more than 12 million rubles and the surcharge keeps growing.

Walking out on the street in the daytime, Uladzimir Andreyevich could hardly expect that he would become a victim of swindle. A family driving a "Zhiguli" car stopped near him. A woman who was holding a child on her hands, said that they weren't local citizens and couldn't buy goods without having the local registration. The pensioner believed in this story, after which they drove him home so that he could take his passport, and then – to the shop.

"Loans are very accessible nowadays. However, what is worth noting her is that the girl which kept a duty in the shop on behalf of the bank that day, was to have explained to the elderly man the consequences of his actions and issued a copy of the loan agreement to him. However, she didn't do anything. As a result, the swindlers became owners of a computer and home appliances, whereas the pensioner went out of the shop with the obligation to pay 578,850 rubles a month," explained Leanid Sudalenka.

The creditor first disturbed the man several months after. Only after receiving a call from the bank Uladzimir Korabau understood what had happened. However, officers of the Chyhunachny District Police Department of Homel, where he went for assistance, persuaded him not to file an application about the swindle as there was not chance of finding them.