Homel: Kastus Zhukouski asks to let him paint on monument to Lenin

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Homel public activist Kastus Zhukouski has applied with an open letter to the head of the department of architecture and city building of the Homel City Executive Committee, asking for permission to paint the monument to Lenin on Lenin Square.

This idea came to him after he saw paintings on the walls of some houses on Praletarskaya and Kirau Streets which are allegedly protected by the law as monuments of history (see the photo).

"Everything is so bright and nice, and in full accordance with the law on the protection of historical and architectural heritage. Of course, what for we need gray walls – we can paint them and everything will be alright. Most probably, it would be a good idea to paint the whole city..."

That's why the activist asks to allow him to paint the "monument to Lenin which looks gray and gloomy against the background of a church and a park" in order to "attract foreign investments and tourists and to facilitate a generally positive perception of the country".

Kastus Zhukouski promises to pay all expenses for the workout of the project documentation and the work itself.

He adds that the monument to Lenin has the same shield "historical heritage, protected by the law" as the aforementioned houses.