Nationwide dictation in Baranavichy

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 3 February Baranavichy public activists and other citizens took part in the IV Nationwide Belarusian dictation, dedicated to the 175th birthday of Kastus Kalinouski, the leader of the national liberation uprising against the Russian Empire, brutally suppressed in 1864.

As we have already written, the Baranavichy culture department refused to provide the hall of the city library for the dictation. That's why the vent was held in the "Run" Center in Brestskaya Street and had 18 participants. The text of the diction was one of the "Letters from under Gibbet" by Kastus Kalinouski, dictated by Anzhalika Kambalava. All participants not only received an opportunity to check their knowledge of the Belarusian language, but also received colored postcards with portraits of Kastus Kalinouski. The youngster participants of the dictation were also awarded by the book "Persons who Made History" by Zmitser Sanko.