Prosecutor initiates a criminal case concerning assault and battery of BPF activist

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Aliaksei Hudzilin

Aliaksei Hudzilin

Having considered the materials of a check-up concerning the infliction of bodily injuries to an activist of the Belarusian Popular Front Party Aliaksei Hudzilin, the prosecutor of the Pershamaiski District Court of Vitsebsk, senior justice advisor Yury Ramanouski decided to bring a criminal case under Article 153.

The appropriate ruling was issued by the prosecutor after the application of the head of the Vitsebsk region BPF branch Leanid Autukhou to the Vitsebsk region prosecutor's office. Mr. Autukhou asked the prosecutor's office to ensure the impartiality, promptness and exhaustiveness of the investigation and search operations concerning the beating of Aliaksei Hudzilin.

Bear in mind that the latter had been beaten on 14 December 2012. He was assaulted by two huge men who resembled riot policemen. One of them casually showed an ID which resembled that of a policeman's. After this the men grabbed him by the arms and forcedly put him into a car and sat on the both of his sides. There was also a driver in the car.

When the guy asked what was happening, they said: "Don't go to the BPF, don't engage in the things that are none of your business, as you keep appearing on TV and in newspapers..." After this the speaker twice punched the activist in the nose. Blood started running from the nose, after which the offenders threw the activist out of the car and drove away. The same day Aliaksei Hudzilin taken to the regional hospital by ambulance where he was diagnosed with a simple nose fracture.

As it is stated in the prosecutor's ruling, the cases concerning the crimes under Article 153 (infliction of light bodily injuries) are usually instigated on request of victims. However, prosecutors have the right to bring such cases even on their own initiative when the actions of the perpetrators concern state and social interests and rights of individuals. The prosecutor Yury Ramanouski used this right. The criminal case was passed to the Vitsebsk Pershamaiski district department of the Investigative Committee for further investigation.