Mikalai Ulasevich’s judicial marathon

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Socio-political activist Mikalai Ulasevich

Socio-political activist Mikalai Ulasevich

Hrodna Regional Court considered today an appeal lodged by civil society activist Mikalai Ulasevich to contest an earlier decision of Astravets District Court, which found him guilty of an administrative offense and fined 4 mln rubles back in December 2012 as a result of as many as nine trials.

Mikalai Ulasevich was detained during the 2012 election campaign. He was charged with allegedly distributing illegal campaign materials. The charges were later changed to “disobedience to the police.”

The complaint about the illegal actions of officials, which was also to be considered in the “combined” trial, was eventually ignored and not considered at all. Despite the fact that Astravets District Court found six violations of the law on the part of police officers and officials, no judgment was made.

Today Mikalai Ulasevich together with his lawyer first petitioned for relief of appeal, as the activist due to a number of valid reasons was not able to pay court costs. Judge Uladzimir Yaukhuta of the Regional Court finally granted the motion.

During the consideration of the appeal, Mikalai Ulasevich outlined the essence of the complaint, stressing the numerous violations by the police, after that the lawyer added several compelling legal arguments. However, according to the usual custom of such complaints, the Judge upheld the decision of the District Court.

Mikalai Ulasevich said the sentence was political persecution, an act of revenge by district authorities for his active civil stand. The activist is determined to challenge the court ruling in a higher court.