Granit plant administration continues scaring workers

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Two drivers of Mikashevichy-based Granit plant were fined 700,000 rubles each for missing a meeting of the plant commission.

The plant administration ignored the fact that both drivers worked night shifts and used their legal right to miss the meeting on their day off. website learnt it from Anatoly Litvinka, a cash keeper  of the primary organisation of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union on Granit plant. Trade union activists continue to demand observance of workers' rights in spite of pressure from the plant administration.

The drivers were fined for waste of fuel, though it is the guilt of the administration, Anatoly Litvinka said.

”They should carry 45 tonnes, but have to carry 50-55 tonnes,” the trade union activist explains. “Fuel consumption is calculated on a certain load weight. A  vehicle needs more fuel if it is overloaded. It is the administration who violates the requirements. Of course, vehicles are weighted, but workers say the truck scale doesn't work properly.”

A special commission to find out reasons for fuel waste works on the plant. The drivers were invited to visit the meeting of the commission at 1:00 p.m.

Litvinka says the workers warned the administration they wouldn't appear at the time scheduled:

“One of the drives just worked the night shift, the other one prepared to work the night shift, but the commission meeting was at 1:00 p.m. The second driver lives outside Mikashevichy. He didn't have time to attend the meeting and have a rest before his night shift. Safety rules require drivers to be well rested to start work. The commission decided the fact that they didn't come proved their guilt and fined them.”

Anatoly Litvinka and other trade union activists, Ales Stakayevich and Leanid Dubanosau, are sure that “the workers were punished to warn others against disobeying”.