Constitutional Court Chairman: Moratorium on the death penalty is an open question

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Piotr Miklashevich, Chairman of the Constitutional Court, said at a press conference held on 23 January in Minsk that the issue of declaring a moratorium on the death penalty is an open question, Euroradio reports.

The official stressed that the need for the death penalty is actively debated in society. Belarus is the only country in Europe which still executes criminals. Because of this, the country cannot be admitted to the Council of Europe.

However, Miklashevich said that at the moment the Constitutional Court does not deal with the moratorium.

“The position of the Constitutional Court remains unchanged. In case we receive an appeal on the mechanism of how the moratorium may be introduced – we will prepare an appropriate conclusion,” says the Court’s Chairman.

The citizens of Belarus have the right to appeal to the Constitutional Court to check for compliance with the laws of the Constitution only indirectly – through authorized entities. These include the President, both Houses of Parliament, Supreme and Economic Courts and the Council of Ministers.