Kovry Bresta workers face revenge for grassroots protests

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The factory management began to harass the workers, who told Syamashka about problems at the factory and their wages.

The situation at the factory has not improved after a visit by the deputy prime minister and head of Bellegprom group of companies, Salidarnast reports.

Workers of the finishing shop worked only two days in the last two weeks, January 15 and 16, final inspector at the finishing shop Nina Dakala says.

Factory director Mikalai Baiko recently called the woman on the carpet.

”He said I had violated the internal rules and safety regulations on the day of Syamashka's visit. I answered I hadn't violated anything. I just do my work honestly. I said he should have thought about it earlier, before the factory stopped to work.

I am working now. I have four pairs of socks on me,  hree sweaters, a  sweater vest and a quilted jacket that Matachkin ( a former director of Kovry Bresta factory) gave us,  cap, a scarf and a pair of gloves. I would understand it if we worked in 1941-1945 at a defence plant”

Nina Dakala says she goes to work every day, but attitude towards her changed.

“People say the managers forbade to talk to me. I was banned from talking to weavers, though I have this right as an inspector. I must check for defects. I asked Baiko: 'Do we live in 1937? Am I a prisoner? Why cannot people talk to me?' People are saying I am mad. Do you know how these rumours appeared? When I showed my paysheet to the Bellegprom head and asked how my kid and I can live on 472,000 rubles. He listened to me and passed my words to the director. My co-workers heard that the director answered that I has been discharged from a psychiatric hospital a week ago.”

Nina said in a trembling voice: “I asked Baiko why he thinks I am mad. I said starvation is bad both for character and stomach.”

As it was found out, Nina Dakala was called “mad” some months ago, when she wrote about problems of the workers to the administration of Lukashenka, Bellegprom group, the Council of Ministers and the State Control Committee.