Anastasia Dashkevich: Dzmitry has a disease aggravated because of the stresses

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On 19 January Anastasia Dashkevich learnt about the aggravation of the political prisoner’s illness from his recent letter.

“I could not move for hours because of strong pains in the neck”, - Dzmitry Dashkevich wrote. If follows from his letter that the prison doctors injected antibiotics to him and that helped temporarily but there is no guarantee that the illness will not come back.

“He does not know what that could be caused by. It seems like he could not get cold because he practically does not go for a walk and there is no draught in the cell. I do not think it is a nervous disease, but rather something connected exclusively with these stresses of prison which he experiences regularly. And, as I understand, he felt better for a while after a series of injections. He wrote that in Grodno they cured him and he felt better”, - Anastasia Dashkevich told to Radio Svaboda.

Anastasia Dashkevich mentioned that last year when Dzmitry was in Glubokae’s colony he had the same problem. The colony’s administration then did not allow her to pass certain medicines for Dzmitry. Anastasia Dashkevich hopes that there will be no similar problems in the prison in Grodno.

They keep the leader of Young Front Dzmitry Dashkevich in the prison in Grodno as a “malicious violator of the regime”.  After almost two years spent in a colony for alleged hooliganism, they sentenced the political prisoner to another year for insubordination to the administration.