Mikalai Ulasevich demands that Ashmiany district customs office to returned his belongings and paid a compensation

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Socio-political activist Mikalai Ulasevich

Socio-political activist Mikalai Ulasevich

The civil activist from the Astravets district Mikalai Ulasevich filed a counter-claim against the Ashmiany District Customs Office to the Ashmiany District Court.

Earlier the customs office applied to the court with the request to find the belongings which had been confiscated from Mr. Ulasevich as noone's property. The incident took place on 10 April 2011 at the border crossing point Katlouka. Ulasevich's car was detained and searched for three hours. As a result a Dictaphone, three DVDs, 18 "Fukushima" stickers, two training aids "Chernobyl lessons" and an alternative report about the problem of the NPP construction in Belarus were confiscated from the activist. His subsequent appeals to the Ashmiany custom's with the request to return his belongings were ignored.

According to Mr. Ulasevich, the confiscated things were detained allegedly to hold a criminalistic examination by the Hrodna Region KGB Department, the purposes of which weren't explained to him. The examination was appointed on the 38th day after the confiscation. Instead of receiving an official answer to his appeal, Mr. Ulasevich received an answer from the ideological department of the Hrodna Region Executive Committee on a totally different matter.

At present Mikalai Ulasevich asks the court to exact 800,000 rubles from the Ashmiany customs office (the cost of the Dictaphone), and also exact 9 million rubles as a compensation for the moral damages and transfer this sum to the account of the organization which is building a church in the town of Varniany.

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