Iryna Khalip: "Don't believe to Lukashenka! I am still prohibited to leave the country"

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Iryna Khalip

Iryna Khalip

Aliaksandr Lukashenka stated that the journalist Iryna Khalip refused to leave Belarus.

"She understands that here she is a martyr and nobody needs her abroad, that's why she didn't go there. If you want to take her anywhere, go and take," answered Aliaksandr Lukashenka to a BelaPAN correspondent.

However, Iryna Khalip again emphasizes that nobody abolished the ban on foreign travels towards her: "In October Lukashenka gave an interview to "The Independent" and told Evgeniy Lebedev to take me to Moscow. Today he has stated that Tatsiana Karaviankova from BelaPAN and I must go to the General Prosecutor and ask for a permission to go abroad. As far as I know, prosecutors sign completely different papers. There is no sense in what Lukashenka says."

By the way, yesterday Iryna Khalip was visited by the police who usually come to check her location. They did not know that she "is free", as said by Lukashenka.