Uladzimir Lemesh: "The police didn't let me go after the trial"

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Uladzimir Lemesh

Uladzimir Lemesh

The Salihorsk activist of the "European Belarus" Uladzimir Lemesh, fined by the Pershamaiski District Court of Minsk, told about the circumstances of his detention.

According to him, he had a number of important appointments on the evening of 14 January, connected with a topical exhibition dedicated to letters of political prisoners. The first meeting was to have taken place at 4 p.m. on the metro station "Academiya Navuk".

"Some people in mufti ran up to me in the underground crossing, waved their ID before my eyes and started pushing me. They ignored my demand to introduce themselves, let me see their documents and tell the reasons for my detentions," says Uladzimir Lemesh. I started calling for help. A worker of the metro station ran there. Then the people in mufti calmed down, showed him their documents and told me they would explain everything at the police station."

They took away the mobile phone from the activist and took him to the Pershamaiski District Police Department of Minsk on a blue minibus. As it was found there, they were officers of riot police and the activist of the "European Belarus" was allegedly detained because he resembled a wanted criminal.

"However, nobody checked my resemblance to the alleged criminal. I was charged with "waving hands" and insubordination to the police. Everything was done quite cynically. They drew up a false accusation report and put me in a "glass" for the night – a cell 2x2 meters, without windows, with a concrete bench," said Uladzimir Lemesh.

In the morning the youngster was taken to the Pershamaiski District Court. The trial took place in a small room. The only testimony was given by one of the riot policemen who had detained the activist.

"The judge told me to plead guilty to soften the penalty. I didn't do it, as my detention was absolutely illegal and evidently connected to my civil and political activities. As a result I was fined 3 million rubles," though the police promised me 15 days of arrest before the trial."

According to the activist, this verdict was a surprise for the policemen. They didn't let him go for 15 minutes after the end of the trial, and released him only after consultations with their brass.

Uladzimir Lemesh has ten days to appeal the verdict. However, he still hasn't decided whether it was worthy to waste time on it. The activist is sure the court will not take his side in any case.

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