Belarusian House in Prague opens its website

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The motto of is "Being a Belarusian is prestigious and noble". This information was given to the BelaPAN by the coordinator, Natallia Makovik.

According to her, the main aim of the website is to engage the Belarusians who dwell in the Czech Republic in Belarusain projects. "4,129 citizens of Belarus live in Czech, and only several dozens of them take part in actions in support of political prisoners or pay interest to Belarusian cultural events. We want to change this situation," notes N. Makovik.

She stated that accumulates information about all events in the Czech Republic which are related to Belarus. "One can find there about the liturgies in the Belarusian language in Prague, register children for the Belarusian-language Sunday school, print out invitations for the "Unknown Belarus" exhibition, see the schedule of sportive events in Czech with the participation of Belarusian sportsmen."

Moreover, the project proposes assistance to Belarusians: entrepreneurs can receive free assistance while registering their business, talented photographers can win vacations at a resort and bloggers can earn money writing articles about the life of Belarusians in Czech.

"If some 300 people come to street actions in Prague to support the Belarusian political prisoners thanks to the fact that the ads published at, it will be a victory", states Natallia Makovik. "Only 2,013 out of the 4,129 Belarusian citizens living in Czech called themselves Belarusians, and only 826 people indicated the Belarusian language as their native tongue. Our long-term is to achieve the situation, in which all 4,000 of the Czech Belarusians will be proud of being Belarusians and consider the Belarusian language as their native one," said the activist.