Disabled pensioner fined 3 million rubles for an attempt to set afire the head of the village executive committee

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The Biaroza District Court fined Pavel Levashevich, a 89-year-old pensioner from the village of Sakalova in the Biaroza district who has a bad sight, a former prisoner of a German concentration camp, was sentenced to 3 million rubles of fine for an attempt to set afire himself and the head of the Sakalova village executive committee. Though Mr. Levashevich regrets about his deed, he thinks that the verdict is too severe:

"The head of the executive committee wearied me
that badly, that I poured benzine on him and on myself in order to burn the both of us. I am bored with such a life. The village executive committee refused to direct me, an old blind and deaf disabled, to the old people's home. When I asked to direct the social worker to my house twice a week, they refused too, saying that I was going to the shop on my own. However, it's hard for me to continue performing the household duties, though I still can walk a bit. The reason for it all is that the head of the executive committee has a bad attitude to me, which has been shown in public many times.

According to the disabled, nobody listened to him at the trial. The prosecutor asked to fine him 5 million rubles. However, the judge Alena Niamkova gave a "milder" sentence – 3 million rubles, laughs Levashevich. To his mind, it's too much – he thought it would be about 300,000 rubles.

Mr. Levashevich is not sure whether he will manage to pay off the fine before his death. His another complaint is that the bath house in the village has burned.

"Though it was hard for me, but I have always gone there to wash myself. You can't do it at home well enough, that's how I have to live at the end of my life," says the elderly man.