Aleh Stakhayevich: the independent trade union organization at "Granite" still exists

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Aleh Stakhayevich (photo by RFE/RL)

Aleh Stakhayevich (photo by RFE/RL)

Despite the ceaseless systemic pressure, threats and dismissals, the organization of the independent trade union at the stone-mining enterprise "Granite" in Mikashevichy continues its activities.

The organization activists state that the administration of the "Granite" tried to doe everything possible to eliminate it by the New Year. As a result, many people left the independent trade union. However, it doesn't disappoint the leadership of the trade union organization, because the most faithful and enthusiastic people were left in the organization as a result.

"I'd like to say great thanks to the "Granite" administration, which made me stronger and more positive than earlier. Thanks to them I got new acquaintances. If you are wise enough, you can always earn your living, as far as the 21st century gives great possibilities for it."

At present the administration of the enterprise continues pressurizing Leanid Dubanosau and Anatol Litvinka who are paying membership fees to the independent trade union through the accounting department of "Granite".Their bosses promised to settle account with them soon.

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