Activist of United Civil Party gets warned

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On 11 January the Brest Region Prosecutor's Office issued a UCP activist Alina Litvinchuk with an official warning about the inadmissibility of illegal work for foreign mass media.

She was charged with publication of articles by Alisa Paul on the website of Radio "Racyja", though the deputy prosecutor failed to explain what relation Alina Litvinchuk had to them, informs the UCP press-service.

Alina did not receive an official summons to the prosecutor's office, but decided to pay a visit to it in order to find out why she had been persecuted by people in mufti who also questioned her neighbors and the police had been trying to burst in her apartment. Secondly, the demand to appear at the prosecutor's office was passed to her yesterday through the editor of the "Brestsiy Kuryer" newspaper, Mikalai Aliaksandrau.

The deputy prosecutor A. Tochka read her the official warning about the impossibility of work for foreign mass media without official accreditation.

What concerns the telephone calls from unknown telephone numbers to the telephones of Alina and her relatives, questioning of neighbors by people in mufti, etc., the deputy prosecutor advised her to apply to the police, though earlier the police had told her that such requests were to be filed to the prosecutor's office.

"The assistant prosecutor Bakharava showed me several print-outs from the website and a copy of the warning as the case materials," says Alina Litvinchuk. "There was no file, no number of the case – nothing. I wrote that I disagreed with the warning."

The activist filed an appeal against the warning to the prosecutor's office with the assistance of the Belarusian Association of Journalists. Moreover, she files an appeal against the law machinery organs which had pressurized her family during one month, phoning to her and her relatives, the police who tried to burst in her apartment and the people in mufti, who questioned her neighbors".