Tatsiana Frantskevich: the son's stomach problems exacerbated

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The stomach illness of the political prisoner Aliaksandr Frantskevich is getting worse. He spent 10 days in the penal cell on the New Year eve. All in all, he spent about a month there during the last year. His mother Tatsiana Frantskevich is anxious about the state of his health, also because he has just one kidney.

At present she is preparing a medical parcel for Aliaksandr, but has little hope that she would be allowed to pass it:

"He has stomach illnesses, as the water is not quite good there, and the quality of the food has some influence as well. Of course, it is even worse as he has one kidney. We passed a parcel with medicines last year, but the year is counted there not from 1 January, but from the time when one is taken to the colony. He got there in July, that's why a year will pass in July, and there is little chance that we will manage to pass the parcel to him," commented the mother.

In May 2011 Aliaksandr Frantskevich was sentenced to three years of imprisonment as a figurant of the "case of anarchists". He was found guilty of assaults on a number of state organs and hacking the website of the Navapolatsk City Executive Committee. Mr. Frantskevich pleaded innocent at the trial. Human rights defenders consider him to be a political prisoner and demand his immediate release from jail.