Illia Bahdanau summonsed to KGB again

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According to the head of the unregistered Union of Young Intellectuals Yauhen Kanstantsinau, Illia Bahdanau, a witness in the "high treason case" against Andrei Haidukou, has been summonsed to KGB again.

KGB officers kept paying visits to Illia's work, and then presented him with an official summons to interrogation, at which they threatened to make him another suspect in the case.

"A week ago he was summonsed to Vitsebsk, questioned in Andrei's case and told that there were discrepancies between his testimony and that of Andrei Haidukou, that's why he could be summonsed to the next interrogation as a suspect. Yesterday Illia was issued with a summons to an interrogation in Vitsebsk on 10 January. The discrepancies in the testimonies let them make Illia an accused. It's hard to say whether he would be put in custody or let go after the interrogation," commented Yauhen Kanstantsinau.

The main defendant in the case, 23-year-old deputy head of the "Union of Young Intellectuals" Andrei Haidukou is currently kept in the pre-trial prison of the KGB. He was detained by KGB officers in Vitsebsk on 8 November, "while making a hiding place with information which could be useful for foreign intelligence services. He faces 7-15 years of imprisonment.