Fans help "Dai Darogu" rock band to pay fine for insult of state official

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The Belarusian punk band "Dai Darogu" was sentenced to pay a fine of 10 million Belarusian rubles for an alleged assault of the head of the youth affairs department of the Brest City Executive Committee. The fans managed to gather 1 million rubles in less than a week.

Bear in mind that the head of the youth affairs department Tatsiana Baryshchyk sued the musicians and won the trial. Before this, the band was prohibited to play a concert in their native city, Brest. In responce, they disseminated information that the ban had been initiated by Tatsiana Baryshchyk, uploaded her photo and proposed their fans to wrote what they thought about her on her page in the social network

As a result, "Dai Darogu" were allowed to hold the concert. However, as they learned later, the official filed a lawsuit for the alleged insult of her honor and dignity. The court found the musicians guilty and sentenced them to a fined of 10 million rubles.