Homel: Mikalai Siakerka applied to court to get excluded from the "black list"

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Uladzimir Siakerka

Uladzimir Siakerka

On 3 January the head of the Homel regional branch of the Belarusian Leftist Party "Fair World" Uladzimir Siakerka filed a complaint to the Tsentralny District Court of Homel.

He asks the court to find the actions of the border guards who had put him of a train, and oblige the military unit #1242 of the State Border Committee to present information about the procedure and the legal grounds of his putting in the database of the persons who are restricted to travel abroad, as well as the procedure and the legal grounds for exclusion from such databases.

Bear in mind that in October 2012 the border guards put Mr. Siakerka off the train Chernihiv-Homel, saying he was in some "list database on errand of the law machinery". The same formula was reflected in the report concerning the fact of his drop-off. When the politician tried to find out in which lists he was and why, he was accused in insubordination to lawful demands of duty officials and subsequently fined by court.

Soon after this Mr. Siakerka applied to the administration of the border guard brigade, asking to explain the reasons and grounds for putting him in the so-called "list database". As he learned from the received answer, the duty officials of the border brigade who had put him off the trade, had no information that he was put in the "list database".

"I consider the refusal of the administration of the border guard brigade to provide information which concerns my rights and legal interests as unlawful. That's why on 15 November I applied to a higher state organ – the State Border Committee, which answered that the information which interested me, namely the procedure and the legal grounds for putting my personal data in the list databases, as well as exclusion from them, belonged to limited circulation information in conformity with the Law "On information, informatization and information protection". I also received a similar answer from the Homel inter-garrison military prosecutor," states Uladimir Siakerka in his lawsuit.