"ARCHE" makes a new attempt to get registered

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On 3 January a representative of the editorial board of the "ARCHE" magazine, historian Ales Pashkevich took to the Ministry of Information the documents. It is already the second attempt for the last two months to regain the license for the edition.

According to Mr. Pashkevich, the editorial board doesn't plan any significant changes in the editorial policy. The future perspectives depend on whether the work will be resumed, and on its format.

"As far as the previous registration attempt was unsuccessful, we had to introduce certain changes to the documentation," says Ales Pashkevich. "We have passed a package of documents. Obeying he wish of the Ministry of Information, we passed the registration documents once again. They had no questions to us, the documents were accepted," says Mr. Pashkevich.

Bear in mind that the intellectual magazine faced first troubles in September 2012. Its editor Valery Bulhakau was charged with unlawful business activities. In October about 5,000 copies of books were confiscated from his house, and the magazine's founder, Andrei Dynko, was summonsed to the Financial Investigations Department. After this Mr. Bulhakau was dismissed from the position of the chief editor in order to save the magazine. Nevertheless, the same day FID blocked its bank accounts.

The editorial board wanted to appointed Ales Pashkevich the new editor of the magazine, but the Ministry of Information objected that he did not correspond to the requirements for such position.