Liabedzka called to police station by fax

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The chairman of the UCP Anatol  Liabedzka was called out to the Soviet district’s police department on 27 December as a person, against who “an administrative case” is being pled.

The subpoena which was faxed to the party’s office on 26 December says that.

In the subpoena it is not said according to which article the administrative case is being pled, Radio Racyja reports.

A lieutenant colonel Neviarouski threatened to fine or arrest Liabedzka, in case he does not show up at the police station without valid reasons.

The politician said that no one handed him any documents in and he had other plan for that day. Liabedzka can only guess what the case is about:

“I can only have versions. I do not rule out that it is a reaction on the fact that on 19 December together with other activists I handed out information materials on the electoral topic and the problem of privatization. A press photographer Genadz Varatsinski was detained then. But no one asserted any claims on us. But I do not rule out that there is some link between the events. May be, something did happened and I did not notice, and we already have an administrative punishment provided for the dissemination of information?”