Slonim: Unequal opportunities for mass media

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Members of the Slonim-based Society of Pro-Democratic Forces have launched a campaign to collect petitions demanding equal opportunities for local newspapers.

“There are two newspapers in our town: “Slonimski Vesnik” and “Hazeta Slonimskaya”. The former can be easily bought at any of Belsayuzdruk’s newsstands; it is also available by subscription. Meanwhile, the latter is not sold at newsstands and is not available by subscription. It is not clear who and why deprived us of our right to buy “Hazeta Slonimskaya” or receive it by subscription. The independent newspaper’s editorial board says the discrimination is caused by the Belposhta enterprise who has refused to sign a contract for postal distribution for several years already. We express our protest and disapproval, as we believe that all mass media should have equal opportunities for work and distribution. Therefore, we urge you to promptly take all necessary measures in order to include “Hazeta Slonimskaya” in the Belposhta distribution system, as well as through Belsayuzdruk’s newsstands,” says the petition.