Aliaksandr Makayeu to be tried for a rally on Slutsk uprising anniversary

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A major and a lieutenant colonel from the Kopyl District Police Department came to Ales Makayeu in Minsk to draw up a report for organising an “unsanctioned rally”.

The activist does not agree with the charge, Belorusski Partizan reports.

On 13 December two officers of the Kopyl police department – major A. Shapashnikau and lieutenant colonel deputy chief of the police department – visited head of "Razam" solidarity movement Ales Makayeu at work. The policemen questioned Ales Makayeu and drew up a report for organising an unsanctioned rally. The documents were written in Belarusian.

The police report was drawn up over part 3 of article 23.34 of the Code of Administrative Offences. According tot the report, Ales Makayeu organised a rally in the village of Hrozau (Kopyl district, Minsk region) at noon on 1 December. It was his second administrative offence during the year (Makayeu was tried for organising an unsanctioned event on 20 December 2011). The activist is accused of failure to receive permission for the rally in the Kopyl District Executive Committee.

Ales Makayeu wrote in his explanatory note that he didn't agree with the charge: the application to the Slutsk district executive committee had been filed by BPF party, but was declined.

Police have been looking for Ales Makayeu for a week. Policemen from Kopyl arrived in Minsk to see Ales Makayeu just after he and his children returned from treatment abroad on 11 December.

Activists of BPF party, For Freedom movement and BCD visited the places of the Slutsk Uprising on 1 December. The trip was organised by "Razam" solidarity movement.