Liubou Kavaliova indignant at Lukashenka's statement

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Liubou Kavaliova, the mother of Uladzislau Kavaliou (executed on charged of terrorism), is outraged by Lukashenka's statement that not a single person has been killed recently.

"We haven't killed any person either inside or outside the country, in violation of human rights," said Mr. Lukashenka at a meeting with participants of the Club of chief editors of the CIS, Baltic countries and Georgia.

"Let him then tell, where is my son, and where is Dzima Kanavalau, if no one has been killed here recently. However, I have the death certificate confirming the son's death. Lukashenka contradicts himself," said Liubou Kavaliova. According to her, the life of the two people whose guilt was not proven, was in his hands, and he allowed them be killed.
"Sincerely speaking, I am shaking like I was the previous time, when he said he sympathized with me. I was shaking because of his words at that time. Doesn't he see that people don't believe him? There was no evidence for Dzima Kanavalau, and moreover, for my son. There is a decision of the UN Human Rights Committee on it. I think the competence of this institution is beyond doubt."

The Human Rights Committee considered the case of Uladzislau Kavaliou, admitted that the investigation into the blast in the Minsk metro and other terrorist acts was conducted with numerous violations. Force was used towards Kavaliou, he was forced to testify against himself. The trial was not objective. The presumption of innocence and the right to appeal were violated. And the main moment – the right to life was violated too!

The rights of the relatives of the executed convicts are violated too – they cannot receive the bodies and are not informed about the places of burial.

The relatives of the other death convict in the "terrorism case", Dzmitry Kanavalau, did not apply to the UN Human Rights Committee.