Art-Siadziba closed down for the third time

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The opening of the “Art-Siadziba” (“Art Homestead”) at a new location was appointed on 6-7 December. The organizers promised to hold events with participation of writers and musicians. However, the owner of the building in Maskvin Street, 4 stated he wanted to urgently annul the rent agreement.

The rented building belongs to the “Sukno” Public Corporation, but “Art-Siadziba” sub-rented it from the “RefOilProduct” Public Corporation. The head of “Art-Siadziba”, Pavel Belavusau, says that the lessors were pressurized by the ideological department of the Minsk City Executive Committee.

According to Mr. Belavusau, the earlier visits of the fire security and sanitation services, ordered by the Tsentralny District Executive Committee of Minsk, were also inspired by the ideological department of the Minsk CEC.

It is quite difficult for organizers of cultural events to find a premise. It is already the third case when the rent agreements are suddenly canceled. Before this, “Art-Siadziba” was located in a building of the “Haryzont” factory, in Pushkin Street, 28a.

When “Art-Siadziba” was expelled from “Haryzont”, there was organized collection of signatures in defense of the cultural ground. However, it had no effect on the decision of the lessor.

Pavel Belavusau applied to the Presidential Administration with the request to explain why such things happened. He also stated his intention to get an audience with the Minsk City Executive Committee.