Police are looking for Aliaksandr Makayeu

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In the evening on 4 December a policeman came to the apartment of the deputy chairman of the “Razam” movement Ales Makayeu.

It looked like the topic for the conversation that never happened would have been the celebrations of the Slutsk armed insurgency, Belarusian Partisan reports.

On 1 December activists of the BPF party and the Movement “For Freedom” visited some places connected with the Slutsk insurgency. The trip was organized by the “Razam” solidarity movement.

The BPF party applied for a meeting in Slutsk on 1 December but did not receive a permission.

The trip started with policemen from Kopyl district visiting the memorial cross. They put down the bus’ identification number, the passport data of Ales Makayeu. However they did not cause any other problems to the celebrations.

The action’s participants made the route Hrozau-Semezhava-Vyzna visiting places connected with the insurgency. The deputy chairman of the “Razam” movement Ales Makaeu participated in the event together with his sons 13-years old Yan and 11-old Danik.

The wife of the activist Krystsina noted that in the evening on 4 December a policeman visited them at home (most likely from the Maskouski District Police Department of Minsk) to talk to her husband. But Ales Makayeu is currently under a therapy outside the country together with his sons.

The policeman stated that he was going to meet Ales Makayeu by all means.