Moscow: photographers get detained for a picket of solidarity with Belarusian colleagues

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Photo by "Novaya Gazeta"

Photo by "Novaya Gazeta"

The police detained Russian photographers at a picket in support of their Belarusian colleagues this morning.

The picket was organized by the photographer Viktroriya Ivleva in protest against the burning of 41 copies of the compilation album “Press-photo of Belarus” by the Belarusian customs office.

The Moscow authorities refused to authorize the action without offering sufficient grounds for such a decision.

As soon as the picketers lined up with their posters, policemen came up to them and demanded to stop the action. Ivleva did not agree and argued with a police major for quite a long time, convincing him that the action ban was illegal.

The UN sent a note of protest to the Russian MFA, pointing at the inadmissibility of using international agreements for justification of prohibition of mass events.

Despite the 30-minute discussion concerning the legality of the action ban, its participants were taken to the Basmannoye District Police Department. Among them there are Viktoriya Ivleva, Kseniya Zhykhareva, Mariya Ionovan-Gribina and the editor of the “Russkiy Reportyor” magazine Artyom Chernov.

According to "Novaya Gazeta"