Pushkin holds performance before appealing against his arrest

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The artist Ales Pushkin appealed an earlier verdict of the Smarhon District Court at the Supreme Court of Belarus.

He asks the court to find unlawful the verdict of the district court, according to which he had been sentenced to ten days of arrest. Bear in mind that Pushkin was sentenced to arrest for proceeding with portraits of an activist of the anti-Soviet resistance movement, Rastsislau Lapitski, in the center of Smarhon in order to draw the public attention to the person of the unlawfully repressed activist and commemorate him.

Ales Pushkin came to file the appeal to the Supreme Court with a portrait of Lapitski as well.

“By this action I want to sum up my factual struggle for the commemoration of the repressed youngster. It would be good if there was set a monument to him in Smarhon, some street was called after him or some art gallery was opened to commemorate him. I want him to be remembered and respected for his struggle for an independent Belarus,” commented Mr. Pushkin.