Restraint for Andrei Haidukou left unchanged

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Andrei Haidukou

Andrei Haidukou

The youth activist Andrei Haidukou, one of the founders of the “Union of Young Intellectuals”, has been kept in the pre-trial prison of the KGB in Minsk for more than three weeks. In the beginning of December he was transferred to the Vitsebsk pre-trial prison #2.

Volha Haidukova found that her son would not be released on recognizance from his counsel. “The counsel had told me earlier, that there was little hope for it. On 3 December there was a trial, as a result of which it was decided not to release my son on recognizance. Maybe they fear that he can tell something about his case. By the way, the charges remain the same: Article 365 of the Criminal Code, “State treachery”... I am glad that he was transferred to the Vitsebsk prison – it is warm there. We had to pass warm things to the Minsk pre-trial prison, as it is very cold there.”

According to the counsel, intense investigative measures will be conducted towards Andrei Haidukou this week: interrogations, confrontations and other actions.