Rahachou: oppositionist prohibited to leave Belarus

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Dzianis Dashkevich

Dzianis Dashkevich

Dzianis Dashkevich received a ruling of the Homel Regional Court, according to which he was prohibited to leave Belarus until the complete payment of a fine of 2 million rubles.

“These days I was going to take part in a seminar in Lviv, and also hold a meeting with a Ukrainian businessmen for discussion the cooperation prospects,” says Mr. Dashkevich. “A week ago I received a letter from the Homel Region Economical Court, that I allegedly had a debt of 2 million rubles before the state. However, the bank account to which I was to transfer the money was not indicated.

After making an inquiry, he received a letter that the Homel court had fined him for alleged unlawful business activity. The activist hadn't been summoned to any trials and therefore decided not to pay anything. On 29 November he received the court ruling where it was stated that he was prohibited to go abroad until the complete payment of the fine.

Mr. Dashkevich applied to the district tax inspection, where another sum of the fine, 3.5 million, was called. “It means they don't know how much money I am to pay. In a private talk a court office explained me that the order not to let him abroad had been received from the district KGB department”, says Dzianis Dashkevich.

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