Svetlahorsk: draftee dismissed from work because of refusal to come to the military enlistment office

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Svetalhorsk Drilling Operations Bureau

Svetalhorsk Drilling Operations Bureau

On 12 November a 19-year-old worker of the Svetlahorsk bureau of drilling operations Pavel Pakidzka was suddenly dismissed from work.

The official reasons is absenteeism from work. However, the worker and his parents think that the enterprise administration did it as a revenge for his refusal to come to the military enlistment office at the time when he was on a sick leave.

When Pavel came to his work after recovery, the head of the personnel department Mikalai Chyrva (a former head of the city council) invited him to his office to find out why he had refused to come to the military office. “My son explained that he was ill and decided to recover first, and then solve his problems with the enlistment office, to which the head of the personnel department answered that he would be fired,” said Pavel's mother, Ala Pakidzka. “Because of this talk, he was late for the bus which brings workers to the drilling station, which was considered as absenteeism and served as the official reason for the dismissal.

The boy's relatives intend to apply to court in order to get him rehabilitated at work. Though the trial was appointed on 12 December, it may not take place.

The matter is that Pavel is undergoing a medical examination in Homel in connection with the military conscription campaign. “We came to the medical commission. There we found that many documents which confirmed his illnesses, have just disappeared from his case. Moreover, after examination by a psychotherapist Pavel was directed to another examination, at a hospital, because of the alleged suspicion of schizophrenia,” said the mother. “I asked the medics how it could happen: my son worked as a guard, has a driver license and has never been registered at the psychiatrist's office. Where can such a diagnosis come from?”

The examination will continue on 5 December. The parents have little trust to the local medics and insist on an independent examination in Minsk.