Radio Racja director denied Belarusian visa

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Jauhen Wapa received a visa denial stamp in his passport in the Belarusian consulate in Bialystok.

Jauhen Wapa says what he thinks about the reasons for the Belarusian visa rejection:

“By refusing to issue a visa the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs shows the Belarusians living outside their home country cannot have the views different from those of the authorities, which have all levers in their hands. It cannot be so in the world, because people have the right to different views, especially ethnic minorities that since the old days, whatever attitude towards Belarusians was abroad, have done their work and will do remarks and express their opinions on the events in Belarus. The visa rejection only proves the authorities don't want to see the people in their country who have critical thoughts about the current situation in Belarus.”

On May 23, 2011, Jauhen Wapa's Belarusian visa, which he received on invitation of Batskaushchyna association, was annulled on the border.