Pavel Sevyarynets: Belarus has new political prisoner

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The co-chairman of the organising committee to create Belarusian Christian Democracy party demands to release Andrei Haidukou.

The politician insists that the operation to detain the activist should be explained, reports.

“The story with the arrest of Andrei Haidukou leaves an impression of absurdity, the brutal and cruel absurdity aimed at intimidating people. A 22-year-old mechanic, the deputy head of the NGO “Union of Young Intellectuals”, a supporter of the Christian Democracy party and an internet activist turns out to have put something into a 'dead drop'. Why didn't you, professional agents, wait for James Bond who needed this 'social and economic information about the Republic of Belarus'? Perhaps the reason is that there are no spies and no espionage? The country already saw bloody stories of Japanese and Romanian 'spies' in 1937. Maybe they just need to show the KGB is working, so they caught the first activist they saw. No one believes their official versions,” Pavel Sevyarynets says.

The politician demands to give explanations regarding the arrest of Haidukou.

“If there are no clear explanations about Haidukou's guilt, we can consider that Belarus has 15th political prisoner,” he noted.

It should be reminded that Andrei Haidukou, an activist of the organising committee to form Belarusian Christian Democracy party, was arrested on November 8 and thrown into the KGB jail on accusations of spying.

The KGB says the activist was detained as he was was using a dead drop to pass information for foreign secret services. A criminal case over article 356 of the Criminal Code (felony and spying).