Maira Mora: Release of political prisoners is main demand

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The head of the EU Delegation to Belarus reminded on what conditions the relations between official Minsk and the EU can be improved.

Belarus-EU relations used to be much better, Maira Mora says. She noted the relations had improved since spring, the low point in the diplomatic conflict. According to the diplomat, the current relations between Minsk and Brussels became complicated with political differences, Regnum news agency reports.

Maira Mora again expressed a position of official Brussels that the main condition of moving forward was the release  of political prisoners and restoration of their rights.

Maira Mora  reminded about the declined by official Minsk EU programme, which is implemented with participation of the Belarusian opposition. She remarked that  a decision of the Belarusian authorities to participate in the European Dialogue on Modernisation for Belarus programme would be a positive sign of improving relations between Brussels and Minsk.