Homel court fines Fair World’s regional leader

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Uladzimir Siakerka

Uladzimir Siakerka

The Court of Homel Chyhunachny District considered today the administrative charges brought against chairman of Homel regional branch of the United Left Party "Fair World" Uladzimir Siakerka. As a result, Judge Anatol Sotnikau ruled to fine the opposition politician 2 million rubles.
Uladzimir Siakerka was found guilty of violating Article 23.4 of the Administrative Code (“disobedience to the legitimate demands of officials”).
The case against Mr. Siakerka was initiated after he refused to leave the train Chernihiv-Homel on October 14, despite orders by Belarusian border officers. The incident resulted in a delay.
Uladzimir Siakerka pleaded not guilty, as he considers the actions of the border officials illegal, referring to Article 17 of the Law "On the Border Service". The provision says that border troops employees are obliged to name the reasons for the restriction of the citizens’ rights.
"I asked to them explain, but no one did. The report said that "we identified a citizen, who was on the list at the request of law enforcement agencies." At the trial, I asked to explain what lists were meant, who added me there, and how I could leave them. But no one answered. Ahead of the trial, I wrote a complaint to the commandment of the border group to ask the same questions, but received no response," says Mr. Siakerka.
The politician intends to appeal the fine at the Prosecutor's Office.