Liubou Kavaliova demands the Office of the Prosecutor General checked the work of the Supreme Court

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Liubou Kavaliova

Liubou Kavaliova

Mother of the death convict Uladzislau Kavaliou (executed for terrorism), said that the Supreme Court violated the terms of response to the complaint, filed by her son’s counsel. She also asked to initiate inquiry into frauds in the case concerning the blast in Minsk metro and violations of the Criminal Procedure Code during the investigation and trial, as a result of which Uladzislau Kavaliou and Dzmitry Kanavalau were sentenced to death.

Liubou Kavaliova reminded that the supervisory appeal had been filed back on 27 September, whereas the lawyer received an answer only on 30 October:

"The 30-day period for the consideration of the appeal was violated. Moreover, we didn’t receive a substantial answer – we were just informed that the time for consideration of the complaint was extended. This is an extreme cynicism – the Supreme Court pretends that it will thoroughly discriminate in the case, reviewing it again. Most probably, they will answer that everything was done correctly. I cannot even imagine they will admit that violations of the Criminal-Process Code took place… as it is impossible to return the guys!”

The delay with the answer of the Supreme Court became the reason for applying to the Office of the Prosecutor General:
"This is a complaint to the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus, Aliaksandr Kaniuk. I write that the Supreme Court violates the legislation and my rights by failing to send a timely answer to the review complaint. The main thing is that I am again writing about the violations observed registered during the investigation and trial. Both the investigation and the trial leave many questions unsolved. This is the recording from the surveillance cameras in the metro, which has elements of montage, and the absence of traits of explosives on the bodies and clothes of my son and Dzmitry Kanavalau. Moreover, Uladzislau was factually deprived of the right to defense: the lawyer was allowed to meet him just once during the investigation, and for some minutes before the beginning of each court hearing. The convict wasn’t also allowed to meet with the counsel to sign some documents after the announcement of the death verdict… I want to get an answer. I don’t believe my son is guilty, and many people in Belarus don’t believe to the results of the investigation and have a negative attitude towards the death verdicts to the fellows.”

The death sentence was issued on 30 November 2011. The convicts were executed in the middle of March 2012. Liubou Kavaliova still demands to be given her son’s records, made by him during the investigation and the trial. These records “mysteriously disappeared” – they were not sent her together with his other belongings and the administration of the KGB pre-trial prison states they weren’t left at this institution either.
October 7 in Amsterdam Liubou Kavaliova announced the beginning of the campaign "Return the body ", aimed at receiving the body of her son or at least find out about the place of his burial and support the abolition of the death penalty in Belarus.