Complaint against preventive KGB supervision over Aleh Aksionau turned down

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Aleh Aksionau, activist of the BCD organizing committee

Aleh Aksionau, activist of the BCD organizing committee

Aleh Aksionau, a Mahiliou activist of the organizing committee of the party “Belarusian Christian Democracy”, remains under a vigilant watch of the security services.

In the answer received from the head of the Mahiliou regional KGB branch Siarheyenka it is stated that an individual prophylaxis in the form of the putting him on the preventive supervision register was conducted towards Aleh Aksionau and he was allegedly informed about the grounds and the legal consequences of the individual prophylaxis of crimes.

Moreover, in the answer it is stated that the activist of the BCD organizing committee was familiarized with the materials of the prophylactic case against him and was provided with an opportunity to make excerpts from the case, whereas the Law “On the fundamentals of activities for crime prevention” does not provide for making copies of documents of prophylactic cases.

The answer also states that there are no grounds for punishing the officers of the Mahiliou region KGB department who conducted the prophylactic measures towards Aleh Aksionau.

Mr. Aksionau, in his turn, totally disagrees with the establishment of the prophylactic supervision, which took place on 22 October.

“I still don’t understand the reasons for it. I was only explained that it was connected with activities on behalf of an unregistered party, but was not explained what it manifested in. Naturally, our party is not registered, but there is an organizing committee for its establishment, which is not prohibited by the law,” says Ales Aksionau.

The human rights defender Barys Bukhel also states they also complained to the KGB due to the non-issuance to Aksionau of a copy of ruling about the establishment o prophylactic supervision over him.

“We requested a copy of the ruling, not the case materials. Moreover, Aksionau hasn’t signed any documents about it. KGB completely evaded from the questions which were voiced in our complaint. Of course, we will write a complaint to the prosecutor’s office and then apply to court,” says the human rights defender.

Bear in mind that preventive supervision has also been established over the head of the Mahiliou regional branch of the Belarusian Popular Front Party Zmitser Salauyou and the head of the BCD organizing committee in Mahiliou Tatsiana Shambalava. Before this, no restrictive measures have been applied towards the activists. All of them consider this step as a means of psychological pressurization.