Court “needs time” to study the case 8 months after execution

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The mother of Uladzislau Kavaliou received an answer from the Supreme Court to her supervisory appeal.

Liubou Kavaliova and the lawyer Stanislau Abrazei filed the appeal in late September that executed Uladzislau had planned to file. The document describes violations of the Criminal Procedure Code made during the investigation and court proceedings.

The appeal also mentions the footage from metro CCTV cameras with signs of editing, results of the expert examination that showed neither Dzmitry Kanavalau nor Uladzislau Kavaliou had explosives on their clothes and bodies. The appeal says that Kavalyou was almost deprived of the right to defense: Uladzislau was allowed to talk to a lawyer only once during the investigation; Abrazei was allowed to see his client only during investigative procedures; the lawyer was able to talk to his client in the court room, when Kavalyou was already in the cage, but trial did not begin. Nothing changed after the verdict was pronounced: the lawyer was not allowed to visit the KGB jail. Besides, most motions of defense were dismissed at the trial.

The answer of the Supreme Court signed by acting deputy chairman Mikhail Kashko reads: “Your appeal against the court decision of 30 November 30 under consideration. The period of consideration of the appeal has been extended whereas the court needs more time to study the materials of the criminal case.” The answer doesn't inform how much time the court will need.

Lyubou Kavaliova told “Salidarnasts” that she was going to file a complaint to the Prosecutor General's Office. “What the Supreme Court is doing is outrageous. My son was deprived of the right to life, but they need more time...”

A powerful home-made bomb at the Kastrychnitskaya metro station in Minsk on 11 April, killing 11 and wounding 300 people. Four more people later died in hospitals. 33 people were seriously injured and 70 people had less serious injuries.

The authorities “appointed” Dzmitry Kanavalau and Uladzislau Kavaliou guilty of the terrorist attack. Both were sentenced to death. Their execution was reported on 17 March 2012.