Parychy: how to return children to stepmother?

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600 signatures have been collected by the international civil association “Good Will” in support of the return of the six adoptive children to their stepmother.

The collective appeal will be sent to the Homel Region Executive Committee, the Soviet of Ministers and the Presidential Administration.

The head of the “Good Will” Leanid Skarabahaty believes that there is still a chance that the children will be returned to the family. “Collective addresses are usually considered at the scene. We will ask the regional administration and a commission from Minsk to come. If they consider the case in Minsk, we can get a formal come-off. However, if they arrive and Parychy dwellers gather, there is a chance that everything will be done as it should be,” comments the activist.

Bear in mind that the children had been taken away from the the family of Nadzeya Dudarenka from Parychy (Svetlahorsk district) after her complaint concerning the beating of children at school by a teacher.