Navapolatsk: Christian democrat Siarhei Malashenka is pressurized

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On the eve of the constituent assembly of the public organization “Young Christian Democrats” unidentified persons damaged Malashenka's car by punching two tires on his car. People in mufti also visited his father at work, asking whether to put his son in prison or no.

The constituent assembly of “Young Christian Democracy” took place in Minsk on 3 November. The tires of the Navapolatsk delegate Siarhei Malashenka's car were punched at night before the assembly, that's why he had to find other ways to get to the event.

The activist applied to the police and was answered that it had been done by his enemies.

“Moreover, some people came to my father's work. They asked whether he knew what I was doing. It is quite strange: I am 30 years old, I maintain almost no contacts with my father and it is impossible to influence my views in such a way. One can only spoil the mood of the old man, make him anxious. Father also told they had asked whether to put me in prison. He gave a good answer: “You're asking as if it depends on me”.
The local police started paying interest to Siarhei Malashenak after 8 October, when he was detained for an attempt to hang out a streamer “Freedom to Political Prisoners!” and subsequently fined 300,000 rubles. He tried to appeal against the verdict, but the Vitsebsk Region Court turned the appeal down.