Political prisoner Mikalai Statkevich gets completely isolated

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The prison administration doesn't allow the prisoner to meet with a priest, he does not receive letters and parcels. Mikalai Statkevich told about the refusal of the administration to allow the meeting already a month ago, during the visit of the apostolic nuncio Claudio Gugerotti. The prison administration another time promised to bring a priest to the political prisoner. However, in the letter written a month after the meeting with the nuncio, Statkevich says he still had no meeting with the priest – the prison administration said he was away on a mission.

As Mikalai Statkevich informs, on 25 October the heating in the prison was finally turned on. At the same time, the cell where the former presidential candidate is kept has “a stone floor despite the prison regime, and it is not very comfortable here in winter”.

The politician’s wife Maryna Adamovich says that her husband is kept in an isolation ward, where, apparently, where everything is done to create the hardest, lest comfortable conditions with the aim to break the prisoner.

“It is hard to imagine a concrete cage, where there is no sunlight, you cannot see the sky and trees, there is concrete even under your feet. And it all has been lasting 24 for hours a day, everyday for 9 months already. And if we add what happened in Shklou – then almost a year…” – Maryna Adamovich said to Belarusian Partisan.

On 12 January 2012 the Shklou District Court sentenced Mikalai Statkevich to a transfer to a cell-type facility for three years as a “malicious violator of the regime, who did not show signs of correction”. The same day he was transferred to prison #4 in Mahiliou.