Another “Dai Darohu” concert is banned

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The band from Brest cannot manage to give second concert in a row. The reason for that is sudden cancellation few days before the performance. It became known on Wednesday that the “Sphere” club in Brest refused to hold the concert. And yesterday the musicians reported that their performance at the festival Rock Wave in Hrodna was also canceled, reports.

“It is all very sad, there are tears in our eyes”, the “Dai Darohu” leader Yury Stylski said. “We do not know what conclusion we should make: if it is worth to try again or we have been already listed as malicious oppositionists”.

“Dai Darohu” performed in Brest last weekend at the Men's Fest festival. Prior to the festival the organizers received information that the band's performance was “undesirable”.

Several days ago Minsk’s Palace band also had problems with a concert, but their performance nevertheless took place.

We should remind that in Belarus there exist “black lists” of musicians whose concerts are forbidden for political reasons.