Concert of “Dai Darohu” punk band banned in Brest

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A concert of the cult punk band from Brest, which was to be held in Sphere club on 3 November, has been canceled. “The club administration told us they were not able to allow the concert. I think they were scared,” band frontman Yury Stylski comments on the situation, reports.

The group plans to play its next concert at Rock-Khvalia festival in Hrodna on 6 November, but musicians say the concert is at risk.

“Dai Darohu” band played a concert at Men's Fest in Brest last weekend. Festival organizers were told the presence of the group was undesired. Minsk folk band “Palats faced” problems with a concert recently, but managed to make a performance.

It should be reminded that “The Atlantic” magazine (the USA) wrote about “Dai Darohu” in an article about forbidden Belarusian musicians.