Where do letters to Vaskovich disappear?

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After repeated complaints of Yauhen Vaskovich on him not receiving letters his friends and colleagues from Babruisk decided to have a peculiar check.

We would remind that the former employer of the guy, the editor in chief of Babruisk Kurier newspaper, Anatol Sanatsenka addressed the public observatory commission of the chief directorate for justice of the Mogilev regional executive committee on that issue.

- I hadn’t received letter from Evgeni for a long time and recently one of those came, - a Babruisk civic activist Halina Smirnova says. – But others are still complaining that they wouldn’t receive letters. We decided to check locally how the mailing works. We gathered together with friends and colleagues of Vaskovich’s and wrote a lot of letters to him, they must reach him approximately at the same time. Then we’ll address his grandmother Tamara Uladzimirauna for her to tell us whether the letters reached the addressee.

Halina Smirnova says that the people who didn’t know Yauhen personally opted to join the action.

- When people find out there are problems with mailing, they express their desire to support the guy and send him a letter. We hope that many people will join us. We really don’t want for Zhenia to feel forgotten there, - the Babruisk activist told in an interview to the web-site of the human rights center Viasna.

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