Barysau election commission turns down proposal to check voter lists

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Vasil Lapatsin, observer representing the Fair World Party, has received a reply from Barysau-based constituency election commission No. 62, saying that his proposal to check voter lists had been dismissed.

The proposal was submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office of Barysau district and later redirected to the election commission. As a result, the commission said there were no reports of electoral violations by any of the nine observers registered at the polling station in question. Apart from that, the reply refers to the insufficient amount of data on each voter.

“The difference in the number of votes cast is 63 ballots. The election commission chairman says that I failed to specify the names of every voter, which is absurd! Meanwhile, it is easy to prove the rigging with the help of the voter list, as the rigged votes could be seen then. Well, if the constituency election commission does not want to initiate a check, I will write to the Central Election Commission. They are required to store the lists for at least half a year after the election,” says Vasil Lapatsin.

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